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Бұл курстық медиа-сайт ғаламдық банкингке бағытталған & Қаржы & Қаржы жоспарларының тақырыптары Жаңалықтардың қысқаша мақаласы
Дүниежүзілік банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаңалықтар & Тақырыптар & Бағандар
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Халықаралық банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар мақаласы Жаһандық портал сайты
「Дүниежүзілік банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаңалықтар & Тақырыптар & Халықаралық мақалалар порталының бағандары(.WS)」- бұл банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаңалықтар сайты. Әлеуметтік медиа қызметі (SNS), сайт сілтемесіне өтіңіз, вирустық шу, барлығы тегін. Банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар Әлемдегі адамдарды бақытты ететін мақалалар. Достарыңызбен бөлісіңіз.

Are You Having Sleepless Nights As a result of Of Your Budget?

Youve labored arduous all day and are available house at evening, handiest to find that you simply cant get comfy to your personal mattress. You toss and also you flip for neatly over 3 сағат. As 3a.m. approaches, you in spite of everything fall asleep however the alarm sounds all too briefly at 6 а. Its time so that you can pass to paintings. Day two comes and youre off once more to the standard rat race. You repeat the similar development whenever you get house. Later that evening you lay in […]

Deficient Credit score Automobile Loans Easiest On-line Auto Mortgage Corporations

The most productive on-line horrible credit auto mortgage corporations will finance your subsequent automobile acquire at low charges. They’re going to additionally solution your questions promptly thru their web site or over the telephone. And they’ll come up with larger flexibility along with your automotive mortgage and purchasing choices. Financing With The Easiest Charges There is not any change for saving cash in your automotive mortgage, even with a horrible credit historical […]

In a position to Industry-In Your House? Most likely You Will have to Rework As an alternative!

Transferring: A excellent native actual property agent must have the ability to lend a hand you with estimates on those numbers. How a lot will it value to buy a house that can meet your wishes? How a lot may you promote your present house for? Do not overlook to subtract the agent’s fee from this general. What’s going to it value to transport? Consistent with actual property marketing consultant and best-selling writer of Rework or Transfer, Dan Fritschen, a standard transfer prices […]

Make a selection the Highest One for You

Егер шындық айтылған болса, the Secured Loans UK is the one means {бұл а} 6% passion is ever 6%, is that if the borrower in reality remains with the loan for the total time period (30 жылдар, in our instance). Just a very small fraction of house owners in reality do that. Should you promote or refinance at any time earlier than the adulthood of your finance, the efficient rate of interest you find yourself paying is normally a lot more than 6%. That signifies that the fairness you would have in your house […]

Arizona Automobile Insurance coverage QuoteWhat Is Too A lot To Pay?

Arizona auto insurance coverage isn’t affordable Arizona ranked because the 13th costliest state for auto insurance coverage right through the years 1999 дейін 2003. With insurance coverage moderate insurance coverage premiums emerging to $920.38 within the 12 ай 2003 this is just about a 5% building up from the former 12 ай. If those tendencies stay up the typical for 2005 premiums paid can be about $1014.00. With greater than 3.3 million automobiles insured privately in Arizona ther […]

Mounted Charge Loan vs. Adjustable Charge Loan

Probably the most fundamental difference between varieties of mortgages which are to be had when you are having a look to finance the acquisition of a brand new house is how the rate of interest is decided. Міндетті түрде, there are two varieties of mortgagesfastened charge loan and an adjustable charge loan. If you select a hard and fast charge loan, the interest rate that you’re paying for your loan stays the similar right through the lifetime of the mortgage it doesn’t matte […]

Automobiles and Credit score Studies

The Downside I used to be using house from the shop the opposite evening after I spotted a registration number plate that made me snicker to myself after which I proceeded to really feel sorry for the deficient sap using. The plate learn “0 DOWN”. It used to be a white, glossy, new Ford Explorer (most definitely an 06′). Here is what in point of fact were given me in regards to the caption: No longer simplest did this client acquire a brand spanking new car and not using a cash […]

Profiting From A Non-public Finance Checkup

Ensuring that you are at the highway to monetary safety can get started with a private finance checkup. A monetary checkup permits you to periodically evaluation how you might be doing in mild of your finance objectives. Taking the next steps can lend a hand put you at the route to monetary wellness: ? Review your objectives. How are you measuring as much as the objectives you place for your self? Are you effectively placing cash towards saving and making an investment? Are you saving sufficient […]

Profitable Facets Of Payday Loans

The payday loans have turn into very a lot in call for in recent years. They have got many a profitable characteristic, which makes them so common. Payday loans are a trouble unfastened, speedy and handy choice for acquiring fast money. Hired other people or other people having a normal supply of source of revenue are a great deal benefited in assembly their emergency money wishes by means of resorting to payday loans. Immense acclaim for payday loans For those who, a normal source of revenue ea […]

A Debt Consolidation Program To Relieve Debt

Debt consolidation systems are excellent in case you are paying on a number of other loans. They may be able to make your existence more straightforward via supplying you with one per month cost. Your per month debt decreases if this system you utilize for debt consolidation stretches your bills over a protracted time period. Paying much less each and every month will unencumber some more cash. A a hit technique every so often is to make use of a debt consolidation program. With those systems yo […]

What Does Your Brokerage Do For You?

A brokerage must be just right for you, the best way that you wish to have your cash controlled. Шындығында, it is very important keep in touch those wishes and needs with the company lengthy earlier than a dedication is made to you by means of the company. Алайда, what does your brokerage supply for you? Why do you utilize one corporate over the opposite? Және, most significantly, how do you select which might be the most productive choices on your particular wishes? With regards to a brokerage […]

Complete Existence Insurance coverage AdviceIs It Higher?

You probably have made up our minds that entire existence insurance coverage is the path you wish to have to take, you wish to have to be well-aware of each its professionals and its cons. Complete existence insurance coverage covers you for all your existence, versus time period existence insurance coverage which handiest covers you for a undeniable selection of years. Сонымен қатар, with that further protection comes further prices. Isnt that the best way issues at all times occur? With entire […]

Meet Cut-off dates and Earn Benefit by the use of Tax Preparation Outsourcing

Tax preparation is the ideas given out through a person or a company to a central authority frame mentioning all liabilities for taxation. Everybody needs to pay their taxes in time and be freed from the tax legal responsibility once it’s imaginable. Accounting corporations and CPAs can adopt tax preparation outsourcing to satisfy the heavy rush from consumers all through the tax paying season. In case you do not need your tax returns ready in time, the entire means of tax paying can get t […]

Information About The APR Of Credit score Playing cards

Relating to bank cards, the APR or annual share charges is all the time without equal supply of bewilderment and chaos for many bank card customers. If you happen to dont have a bank card however making plans on making use of for one otherwise you have been only in the near past licensed for a bank card then you definately should without a doubt learn this newsletter. The entirety about APR of bank cards can be defined so learn in moderation and take note! Whats APR? Негізінен, the APR or annu […]

Тұрғын үйді сақтандыру төлемдері

Insurance coverage premiums are calculated in keeping with a number of chance elements. Those are the standards recognized by means of the insurance coverage corporate as perhaps to have an affect at the insured towards chance going on. Insurance coverage is a vital price related to the thing insured and must no longer be rushed into. It’s at all times a good suggestion to buy round for the most efficient worth to be had. Insurance coverage premiums will range significantly from insurer to […]

Dare Your Desires With Non-public Loans

Pondering to shop for a luxurious automobile or considering for going out of the country or nervous about kids marriage. Is certainly one of them is your dream. Everybody on this global see goals. However in conjunction with the dream they even have a concern that may well be dream would possibly not come true!! And in case your concern is solely as a result of price range then private loans mean you can out. Негізінен, Non-public loans can also be obtained in two tactics Secured private mortg […]

Inventory Choice Buying and selling Millionaire Ideas

INTRODUCTION Having been buying and selling shares and choices within the capital markets professionally through the years, I’ve noticed many ups and downs. I’ve noticed paupers turn into millionaires in a single day And I’ve noticed millionaires turn into paupers in a single day One tale informed to me via my mentor remains to be etched in my thoughts: Тезірек, there have been two Wall Boulevard inventory marketplace multi-millionaires. Each have been extraordinarily a succ […]

Will You Need to Pay Again the Debt Anyway?

Essentially the most extensively held false impression about chapter is that its the borrowers model of the get out of prison unfastened card in Monopoly. Whilst most of the people know that chapter impacts your credit score for 7 он жылға дейін, only a few other people know that its conceivable that youll must pay again the debt anyway, even though you report a Bankruptcy 7 instantly chapter. The formal definition of chapter is a continuing in federal court docket during which an bancrupt borrowe […]

Getting A Just right Automotive Insurance coverage Fee For Your YoungsterSaving Cash When You Want It Maximum

If you would like to insure your youngster to pressure your automotive, be ready to pay in the course of the nostril. It is an unlucky reality of existence that younger folks generally tend to have extra injuries than their older opposite numbers, and insurance coverage firms know this all too smartly. There could also be some variance within the Youngster charge your insurance coverage corporate supplies relying at the intercourse of the kid, with men being a better possibility than ladies, және […]

Subprime Loan Loans – 3 Questions To Ask Your Subprime Loan Dealer

Subprime loan agents be offering numerous loan mortgage applications from other lending firms. They are able to in finding financing for just about any person, irrespective of their credit score ranking. Even supposing agents be offering a precious carrier, you continue to want to ask inquiries to make sure you are getting the most efficient deal. 1. What Is Your Rate? Ahead of you start running with a subprime loan dealer, ask how they’re getting paid. Now and again they fee you an in adv […]

Anatomy of a House Fairness Mortgage

Advent House Fairness Loans have temporarily grown to grow to be one of the vital largest and hottest mortgage varieties on the earth these days. The concept that an individual that could be a house proprietor can move forward and get a mortgage taken out on their house in an effort to handle any emergency eventualities that would possibly crop up is one thing that permits a large number of other folks to relaxation simple at evening and in the long run the folk which can be ready to relaxation […]

Hello-Yo, Silver Fund!

Keep lengthy valuable metals” … I am starting to suppose that is Graeme Irvine’s mantra. He is the industry columnist on Longer Existence’s Bourse web page, and I’m going to go away it to you to find his causes for this four-word chant. Amidst Graeme’s siren calls, I have taken realize of his contemporary day by day listings of silver transfers. It sort of feels that HSBC-Hong Kong is within the means of collecting a considerably top proportion of the p […]

Refinance House Fairness Line Of Credit score Advantages Of Refinancing House Fairness Line Of Credit score

Refinancing an present house fairness line of credit score can prevent cash on hobby fees. It’s going to additionally permit you to identify a cost plan that can assist you get out of debt quicker. Any other receive advantages to refinancing is that you’ll recover phrases, heading off additional charges related to a line of credit score. Get Higher Charges And Phrases Getting higher charges and phrases on your house fairness line of credit score is among the leader advantages of refi […]

8 Risk Alerts to predict you might be at the debt street

Risk sign 1 Your bank card bills build up whilst your source of revenue is identical or lowering. When this occurs prevent the use of your playing cards and arrange on no matter money you’ve got to be had. Forestall when the money is done until there’s a nice emergency don’t take out the playing cards. Diminishing source of revenue will endure very much if the expenses of the bank card are added to it; escape from card buying groceries until your source of revenue stabilizes. R […]

Tax Time Guidelines for Loan Holders

It is that point of 12 months once more when numbers akin to 1040, W-2 and INT-1099 change into all too acquainted to thousands and thousands of other people. One of the vital advantages of retaining a loan on your own home is the facility to say positive deductions that will help you in offsetting a few of your tax burden. As you get ready to document your every year taxes let us take a look at a couple of spaces the place you’ll be able to benefit from tax deductions and stay a bit extra […]

Ұялы үйді сақтандыру кезінде білуге ​​болатын мәселелер

Азық -түлік сатып алғанда, үй иелеріне ұялы үйіңізде сақтандыру төленеді, Сіз не сатып алатындығыңызды нақты білуіңіз керек. Сізге қандай қауіп төніп тұрғанын біліңіз және оларды қалай жабуға болатынын біліңіз. Астында сенуге болатын негізгі заттар бар: Қатер немесе барлық кездейсоқтық деп аталады (толық): Тұрғындардың сақтандыру полистерін қауіп -қатер деп аталатын негізде де сатып алуға болады. Бұл дегеніміз, қамту жабуда көрсетілген қауіптердің салдарынан болатын шығындарды жабады […]

Stability Switch Credit score Card – Қарызды консолидациялау

Stability switch bank cards may give a very good choice for debt consolidation. Many American citizens are lately in debt and suffering for some way out. Some select to make use of a house fairness mortgage to lend a hand get themselves out of debt, however no longer everybody has a house with constructed up fairness to make use of for this function. Сонымен қатар, striking your house up as collateral for debt consolidation is usually a bit nerve-wracking and lots of banks put in force annual upkee […]

Managing the Source of revenue Portfolio

The explanation folks think the dangers of making an investment within the first position is the possibility of accomplishing a better fee of go back than is possible in a possibility unfastened environmenti.e., an FDIC insured checking account. Chance is available in more than a few paperwork, however the moderate buyers number one considerations are credit score and marketplace possibility specifically with regards to making an investment for source of revenue. Credit score possibility comes t […]

What Are Platinum Credit score Playing cards?

Platinum bank cards are usually introduced to these people with excellent credit score scores and an source of revenue of round 20,000 in step with annum or extra. Platinum bank cards have many advantages and contours in comparison to a typical or gold bank card. Standard college of idea would to find platinum bank cards to be a standing image. Сонымен қатар, at ease regulations and higher limits have introduced them inside of achieve of the typical individual too. A platinum bank card generally […]

Сіздің тілектеріңіз кепілсіз ипотека болмайынша бос орынды қажет етпейді

Сіздің қалауыңыз кеңістікке байланысты болуына жол бермеңіз! Ипотекалық несиені сатып алу үшін жағдай емес. Бұл сіздің арманыңыздағы автокөліктің тақырыбы ма, жоқ па, әлде сіз қарызды шоғырландыру немесе үй өсіру үшін ақша алғыңыз келе ме, әлде басқа жеке тақырып, бұл функциялардың көпшілігі үшін, Сіз кепілсіз несиеге сенесіз. Сіз кепілдіксіз ипотеканы қалай елестетуге болатынын қарастыра аласыз. Сіздің пікіріңізге келуі мүмкін келесі деңгей, егер несие берушілер &# 8221; […]

An Simple Means To Get rid of Your Credit score Card Debt

There are literally thousands of American citizens in the market who’ve paid off heavy bank card debt, and you can be one in all them. To eliminate bank card debt, it may not be sufficient, балама, to simply make minimal per 30 күндік шоттар. Егер шындық айтылған болса, you simply wish to do some extra than simply paying the minimal per 30 күндік шоттар; you’ll be able to save thousand of pursuits and shorten a few years in settling your bank card debt. To provide you with a greater image the […]

Issues To Glance For With A Christian Debt Consolidation Corporate

Christians are principally uncomfortable with the speculation of getting any type of debt. To them, having any type of debt has a tendency to result in scenarios that may irritate with the passage of time. Debt is a large hollow, and to them, this debt hollow will increase with the passage of time. There are some Christians that really feel that it’s unacceptable to owe cash to any person, even for basic makes use of like mortgages and cars. Керісінше, there are lots of Christians wh […]

Automobile Insurance coverage ChargesDiscovering Them Reasonable

One of the crucial necessary factor if you end up on the lookout for reasonable automobile insurance coverage is to buy round. You want to have a look at competing merchandise, and let the corporations that you are coping with know that you’re having a look round as smartly. Many firms do have flexibility with the programs they’re ready to provide you with, and this is going double in case you cross to an insurance coverage dealer, who makes their livelihood via making offers between […]

Avail Payday Loans to Repair Pressing Brief Time period Wishes

In excessive monetary eventualities, the general public particularly the salaried folks need to go for loans. It is because the source of revenue earned is restricted in comparison to the per month bills. So it turns into reasonably tricky for the individual to organize price range when some unsure or undesirable bills crop up. Preserving those issues in thoughts, lenders are providing Payday Loans. Those loans help the borrower to satisfy pressing wishes with out being worried about monetary co […]

How To Construct Credit score For A Higher Long term

Construction credit score is development a greater long run. In this day and age it takes excellent credit score rankings to buy a house, purchase a automobile, and get a bank card and so forth. In case your credit score is dangerous most often extra dangerous follows. It takes you in finding a option to restore your credit score. The fist step in repairing your credit score is to try each and every invoice, together with your late expenses. Make sure that the present expenses are paid in comple […]

Is trade bank card useful?

Жай қойыңыз, a trade bank card is a bank card this is owned via a trade and now not a person. To know this higher, you’ll be able to merely draw an analogy between the trade bank cards and trade financial institution accounts, that are within the identify of the trade as smartly. Rather than that, trade bank cards paintings in just about the similar style as the private bank cards; with a couple of exceptions. Those exceptions are within the type of flexibility in credit score restrict, low […]

Get Your Dream in Easiest Rank

In internet online affiliate marketing, Google and search engine marketing procedure are carried out. Қазір күндер, this behavior is in the beginning position to divert the guests passage directing for your passage. Corporate e-Fuzion entire the theory about SEO is out of the prohibit of various article. It’ll occur that even though you your website online is in the beginning position within the Google, very much less or virtually no hits for your internet website online. It’s as a resul […]

Credit score Utility

Todays lifestyles is moderately pricey and lots of instances we dont have that a lot of money with us to buy the essential issues for our necessities. Even other people don’t seem to be in a position to buy a space or a automotive with money fee once they truly want it. And thats the explanation why all of us want credits. There are lots of alternative ways in which you’ll finance a purchase order with no need enough money. So you’ll observe for a bank card and test for what fo […]

The Salvage Reality ? Boat Insurance coverage Purchasing Guidelines

The water could also be your part. It’s possible you’ll in finding the ocean fairly stirring but in right here you in finding your individual serenity. Әрине, the mere sight of the huge sea might stir in you fairly quite a few quite a lot of emotional responses. Now not a couple of of other people from all walks of existence are motivated to construct their dream properties close to the seashore the place an overlooking view of the ocean is conceivable. Қалай болғанда да, there also are those […]

Толық және уақытша өмір салтын сақтандырудың айырмашылығы неде??

Сақтауды бастамас бұрын, барлық аяттардың сақтандырылуы арасындағы айырмашылықты білу қажет. Толық тіршілік (мәңгілік деп те аталады) Сақтандыру полистері - бұл жылдар бойы ақша жинайтын және көбінесе дивидендтер төлейтін сақтандыру полистері. Бүкіл өмірді қамтуды сатып алу - бұл қаржыландыру. Өйткені аты -жөні сақтандырылған, Сіз ақшаны бағалай аласыз. Толық сақтандыру полистері қарағанда әмбебап және қымбат […]

Remortgaging Is It Nonetheless Profitable?

Loan lenders have a derogatory identify for individuals who transfer loan lenders to observe decrease charges they name them Charge Tarts. The creator has a a lot more apt description Shrewd Consumers! Аяқ кезінде, who spends extra for precisely the similar product, on this case cash, when you’ll be able to get it inexpensive in different places? In the end a from one lender as efficient as a from any other! The loan marketplace is extremely aggressive and so long as lenders use worth as th […]

Debt Consolidation Loans Defining the Professionals and Cons of the Means.

Debt consolidation businesses allege that debt consolidation loans can assist create financial savings for its consumers by way of decreasing the quantity to be paid for money owed. The way wherein this will likely be realised isn’t straight away understandable to the general public. Why will an individual who legibly holds you in debt settle for a charge lesser than what’s owed. This and several other different questions will likely be posed by way of the borrower who has been reall […]

Little Steps Can Upload Up To Giant Financial savings At The Pump

Everyone seems to be in search of tactics to cut backfuel painsfrom top gasoline prices. There are some simple issues you’ll be able to do to place your self at the street to fuel financial system. ? Gentle at the Pedal-Ease at the accelerator while you get started from a crimson gentle. Your automotive will run leaner and would possibly not use as a lot fuel. At the freeway, run about 5 miles underneath the posted pace restrict to avoid wasting. ? Crank the A/C-It was true […]

The Simple Payday MortgageWhy Payday Loans Are More uncomplicated To Get Than Credit score Playing cards Or Private Loans

Payday loans are more straightforward to get than bank cards or non-public loans since there is not any credit score take a look at concerned. And since payday loans are supposed for a brief length, көп жағдайда 30 days or much less, payday firms dont require an in depth background take a look at. No Credit score Assessments Credit score exams take time a number of days in reality. And whilst you borrow huge quantities, like with a automobile or house mortgage, it is smart for a lender to be su […]

Warding off Foreclosures through Refinancing Your House

Most of the people assume an effective way to keep away from foreclosures is to begin over..refinance the loan and simply get started over. The issue is the general public can not refinance. Preventing foreclosures could be very tricky. Өкінішке орай, you’re going to run into a wide variety of loan agents and lenders in the market who will let you know what you wish to have to listen to and waste your time. Time is one thing you cant find the money for to waste if you find yourself looking to keep […]

Unsecured Loans For Unemployed UK: Avail With out Any Trouble

Getting unsecured loans with no need any common supply of source of revenue is more difficult to acquire. The rationale in the back of that is the absence of any collateral and therefore giant possibility for lender. Сонымен қатар, there are some unsecured loans for unemployed UK that are built-in with phrases desired by way of unemployed folks. Unsecured loans for unemployed UK are to be had with out hanging your own home like house and car in opposition to fund. In truth those loans are the ve […]

IRA дегеніміз не?

Зейнетке шығу үшін жинақтауды ерте бастау керек. Керемет жаңалық, сізде бұрыннан бар болса да 401(Жарайды ма) картиналарда, Сіз өзіңіздің қаржылық жинақыңызды жеке тұлғаның зейнетақы шотына қосуға мүмкіндік аласыз (IRA). ИРА, бұл күрделі хобби мен салықтық үнемдеудің үлкен артықшылықтарын біріктіреді, салық салынатын кіріс көзін алатын кез келген жеке тұлғаға керек. Сіз кез келген ақша мекемесінде IRA аша аласыз, финамен бірге […]

Loan Refinance Loans

Inside of contemporary a long time loan loans have transform an on a regular basis prevalence, spreading over all of the teams of the society. The need and significance of loan loans are without doubt, due to this fact everybody who needs to profit from loan will have to acquire an entire figuring out of its varieties, related terminology, advantages and such choices as loan refinance. Opting for a undeniable form of loan it is very important know to which extent rates of interest rely at the pr […]

What Are Pastime Loose Credit score Playing cards

Bank cards that rate no pastime to your purchases or to your steadiness switch for a undeniable time period are mentioned to be pastime loose bank cards. This pastime loose length is for a undeniable time and prohibit. This provides you with the risk for extra buying groceries round and spending with none stress of being levied any additional quantity. Thus you’ll save so much on those playing cards. Every now and then it’s so that the pastime you pay would rely totally on how just r […]

Existence Insurance coverage Eventualities

Most people have some type of insurance coverage, if it is for his or her car, house or well being. However it will be significant, балама, to not fail to remember the advantages of existence insurance coverage, which will pay cash to beneficiaries when the insured dies. HOW LIFE INSURANCE WORKS Normally, the insured individual makes bills into the plan – сыйлықақылар деп аталады – in change for ademise receive advantages,” the cash this is paid on the time of dem […]

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Банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаңалықтарының толық ақпарат сайты 「Дүниежүзілік банк қызметі & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаңалықтар & Тақырыптар & Халықаралық мақалалар порталының бағандары umn

Халықаралық банк қызметін ұсыну & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар туралы мақалалар, жаңалықтар, әлемдегі барлық адамдарға бағандар мен тақырыптар. Бұл банктік қызмет & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар жаһандық сайты ұлттық шекараны кесіп өтеді, бұл дүниежүзілік банктік қызметпен айналысатын бұл жаһандық мақалалар порталы & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар туралы мақалалар бүкіл әлемде өзекті тақырыпқа айналды. Кешенді банктік қызмет & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар туралы хабарлама Әлемдік порталыңызды әлеуметтік желілердегі барлық адамдармен бөлісіңіз. Өз мүмкіндігіңізді банктік қызметке алыңыз & Қаржы & Қаржылық жоспарлар туралы бап.

Бүкіл әлемдегі адамдарға сәттілік тілеймін. Рақмет сізге.
Гвмг - Жаһандық вирустық маркетинг тобы